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Algarve, Portugal

Cold feet

It’s all swell!

The west coast is rugged and rocky. Wild waves and calm swell alternate during summer, as does the route to the best Italian ice cream-place between Sagres and Lisbon. Every beach has its own ‘Mitch’ who controls beach traffic with his whistle. It’s clean and friendly here. And never too hot thanks to the sea breeze. Choose a different beach every day or go to your new favourite one the entire week. It’s all up to you. Carpooling is welcomed. `The end of the world` -town of Sagres is an excellent opportunity for all conceivable reasons if you don’t want sand between your toes for a day. And they say you couldn’t be further away from colleagues and civilization.

Top picks

Mo’s Odeceixe
Where the Alentejo stops and the Algarve begins, you’ll find Praia de Odeceixe. This beautiful ‘blue flag’ beach was declared one of the 7 wonders of the world in the 2012 Portugal beach competition. Typical white village at the river mound and ideal for sup tours at sunset. The beach is clean and wide enough for beachball, kites and frisbees all at the same time.

Gor’s Arrifana
Popular among all surfers, the most constant conditions and skybox view at Praia da Arrifana. You can have really good food and look over Kangaroo-Point, the ultimate surfspot for the best of surfers.
Noah’s Amoreira
Ideal beach where the children pump up the inflatable boards and you paddle through the valley singing. No question: your day will definitely end with local vinho verde and freshly grilled sardines at the local beach bar.
Cato’s Monte Clerigo

“Well, you know, I just love Restaurante O Sargo. That’s why.”


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