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House rules

Why a visit to the Farm is your best holiday ever?

Because besides 3,000 hours of sun a year we also have a few house rules.

  1. Coming home tanned as f . Bonus: surf hair.
  2. No whining about the Ipad.
  3. Separating waste is a true sport.
  4. Seat for a rental car? Getting pizzas for everyone.
  5. There won’t be any Biodanza, but we really enjoy healthy food.
  6. #fromcarrascalinhowithlove
  7. We love the environment and act accordingly.
  8. Children will do the dishes. Period.
  9. It’s not The Four Seasons Hotel and we’re happy with that.
  10. Please don’t dive into waves pinching your nose.

We are sure that you can’t wait to push that button.

However, you should also take these common holiday concerns into account.

The nearest McDonalds is 45 minutes away.

You can not find a parking meter anywhere.

For veggies, fruit and pastais de nata, there’s more than you can handle at very low prices.

Our goats love all kids equally. Thin, big boned , introvert and transgender.

Sleepless nights because of the brightness of the Milky Way. True story.

Live music at the honesty bar if you bring your own guitar.

Overall Life expectancy is higher here than in the rest of Europe, child seats are therefore mandatory and drinking & driving unthinkable.

Almost everyone around here carries a surfboard, only a few will carry a smartphone.

AllSwell is a giant adventure. Looking after your safety, we have a crate full of helmets, wrist and kneepads, so you can go back to work in one piece after your holidays. Both fire extinguishers and illuminating signs are ready and visible at night. Nevertheless open fire is forbidden anywhere on the premises because of wildfire prevention protocols.

Want to know more or come over rightaway?