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Welcome home!

Bem vindo!

In the nude you can still see the white parts of your skin in contrast with your sun-bronzed body. You feel invincible, refreshed and full of vitamin D. At breakfast everyone hums the same holiday hitsong. You’re not sure whether you now are more of a supper or surfer. You had a chance to rediscover your partner here. Forget Netflix tonight and jump in the sack early, doing grown-ups-stuff. Your kids made up their minds and will become farmers, surfers and skaters. In all honesty, you are quite jealous of them.
You had a tremendous time in the evenings too and you made friends for life. Only a 3 hour-flight from anywhere in Northern Europe, and it felt like home away from home. The option you now have is whether you are going to recommend this place to all of your friends or if you want to keep this gem to yourself.
AllSwell, the Sup Surf Family Farm on the Portuguese West Coast. Unusual, pure and another visit next summer for sure.

The team

Monique & Gordon are the proud owners of AllSwell Farm in Aljezur. Son Noah (2011) does housekeeping and daughter Cato (2012) runs the kitchen. ‘We aim to do what we’re really good at: Enjoying life, entertaining and being hospitable. Outdoor- life is both our passion and our work and we are ranked among the best in our profession.’
Gordon works (as a physio) with the Dutch Ski Association and in summer as a Stand-Up-Paddleboard coach. As a health coach, Monique has natural green fingers, runs the petfarm as well as the back office.

Noah always dreams of skate-tricks and is the first one in the water with a sup- surf- or bodyboard. In addition to that, it is said that he is the best goat whisperer of the greater Aljezur area.

Cato is our cheerful Portuguese jukebox. Rarely flawless, never out of tune. The four of us are always in for board games and dressing up. We will share our house and all our toys, land, goats, dogs, wind and waves in the hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

From Carrascalinho with love.
Aljezur, Costa Vicentina, Algarve

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